“ I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful lactation cookies. I’ve tried all the flavors now, and I cant decide which one is my favorite, they are all so delicious! I noticed an increase in my milk supply within a day or two of using the cookies, which my little man appreciates!” thanks so much Jill! “
 -Nicole W. – OB/GYN Doctor

“I noticed a 3 ounce increase in my milk supply on both sides within 24 hours of eating them! I have been able to store a 3 month supply of milk at 4 months!! I love these cookies, they taste awesome!!”
 -CJ DeA

“These cookies are fantastic!! As a pumping mother of 5 month old twins, these cookies are a great aid in keeping my milk supply up, as well as a filling on-the-go snack!”
 -Christine J

“The chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies have been wonderful! I had a noticeable boost in my milk supply, but they are delicious too. I enjoy eating them and look forward to trying the other flavors too!”
 -Kristen S

“These cookies are so delicious, I can’t stop eating them! I love the texture of the cookie; not hard and crispy, but not too soft. I look forward to eating 2 everyday! The cookies helped me to make more milk and nurse my toddler well over a year.”
 -Leah A

“As a busy mom, it has been hard for me to do all the things needed to continue with a healthy milk supply after my baby turned 6 months. I am a registered dietitian, so I try to eat all the healthy foods to encourage an adequate supply, but when introducing exercise and chasing a 3yr. old, my supply started to decrease. I found Jill and her Milk Made Cookies and have to say they are absolutely delicious and made with many healthy and organic ingredients!!
 After only 2 days, I pumped 2 oz. more during my “before bed” pumping session! It can only get better from here!     Thanks Jill!!” -Dana D

“I am so glad I found Jill and her wonderful lactation products. Both the almond/coconut lactation cookies and the granola not only helped me increase my milk supply, but helped us make it through our first growth spurt! The added bonus is how delicious the products are. Jill is so wonderful and such a great source of help and knowledge. I highly recommend checking out her fantastic homemade products!”
 -Christi J

“It’s amazing how well these cookies work at increasing my milk supply. I had experienced a slight dip when I returned to work but after trying them I went from pumping about 11 oz. during my work day to about 14 oz. without doing anything different. And bonus is, the almond coconut oatmeal ones taste great.”
 – Kendra H

“Jill’s cookies are amazing! Homemade, tasty and full of good stuff that really helped my milk supply. I was struggling to make enough milk for my baby boy. I was worried and stressed, so I started taking lactation pills and supplementing a bit with formula. It wasn’t until I started eating 2-3 of Jill’s cookies everyday that I saw more milk coming! It makes me feel so good knowing I can now give my baby all the milk he wants!”
 -Maria C